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I never was one to listen to country…

October 9th 2008 in Music

Some of you that really know me are probably getting ready to do a double take. I absolutely hated country music, probably because of growing up in Bakersfield, California, and seeing the type of people there that listened to it.

But, I have found myself listening to one country singer – Mr. Hank Williams III. The grandson of the great Hank himself, Hank III is much more outlaw than cowboy. He really puts out some good music that is completely old-school country with attitude.

Hank Williams III

I first heard a bootlegged recording of one of his first albums that was never released. “This Ain’t Country” is much more psychobilly than country, and I can see why his record label was pretty scared to release it. I was instantly turned on, and started picking up more of his albums (which are much more country). His new one “Straight to Hell” is one of the better albums I’ve heard in ages, I think it’s been on repeat now since I picked it up.

Some of you metalheads out there have probably heard Hank III and didn’t know it – turns out he’s also the bassist for x-pantera singer’s Superjoint Ritual. Hank III has also been in and out of drumming for punk bands, and has his own punk band that hasn’t released anything yet, called “Assjack.” I guess there’s a bunch of bootlegs floating around of live recordings, but I can’t seem to find any of them. Someone want to hook me up?

Straight to Hell CoverAnyways, I can honestly say that there is a country musician out there that rocks. Well, besides Cash that is.

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“I never was one to listen to country…”

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