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Cellar Heat is up and running

October 9th 2008 in Music, Site News, Uncategorized

I couldn’t figure out a good name for this theme, so it had been lableed “untitled002” for the past few weeks. A bunch of odd names went through my head and nothing seemed to stick. I then remembered that I had a bunch of random domains already registered, so I thought I’d look there for something to use.

I logged into the registrar and came across “Cellar Heat” and thought – that’s perfect! It’s dark, grungy and has a nice ring to it. I originally came across the domain name from the song of the same title by Skinny Puppy. The song appears on the 1996 release “The Process”.

It was a track I always dug, and thought the name was quite peculiar so I went to see if the domain was available. I scooped it up over a year ago and has sat dormant until now.

So here we are.

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“Cellar Heat is up and running”

Awesome designing yar. Hats off man.Do you have the blogger template for the mentioned.

* Download “Cellar Heat” Dark version
* Download “Cellar Heat” Light version
* Download “Cellar Heat” Photoshop files

Please mail me yar.If you have them.Plz man.



Lori Davis

On the blog home page for the cellar heat theme, how do you get the full post to display instead of an excerpt? Is there any way you can help me with this?


Hi there

I am currently using this and love it so much!

But..the search function on my page doesnt work at all…i need some help here…

Thanks :-)


very nice,i relally like it,thanks


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