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March 2nd 2009 in Site News

“Cellar Heat” is a free theme from Evan Eckard brought to you by Smashing Magazine.

After creating the “Gumball Spcial” theme based from an older site of mine called HELLBISCUIT; I wanted to create a similar theme in layout that wasn’t image-driven like that one was. The layout was a unique design I produced over a couple years ago, and it’s finally being released.

At first I wanted to do a dark theme that would contrast the Gumball Special design. But after creating the dark version, I decided to produce a “light” version as well.

The only real difference in each theme are the images and stylesheets. 90% of the code is the same between light and dark.

You’re currently viewing the dark version of the theme. Below is a screenshot of the light version. Click to demo.

Cellar Heat Light Version

Cellar Heat Light Version

“Cellar Heat” has a few cool features built in. Gravatars are enabled, excerpts of previous and next posts per page, the theme is widgetized although I can’t guarantee they will look so hot), no plugins to be installed and a recent comments section in the footer.

Feel free to modify the code and design to fit your tastes, just please leave the footer links intact.

This theme has also been ported over to blogger by MagzNetwork

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“Download Cellar Heat for WordPress”

I noticed if you add sub-pages, that when you mouse over the parent page they do not appear. In fact they don’t appear anywhere on the site.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks again!


Great, great theme. Thanks !

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Que cosa toca escoger para ponder subir? en esta plantilla Descarga la versión “Cellar Heat” Dark

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Pliss pasenlo para blogger porke odio mi plantilla.


It’s a beautiful template. I just wanted to say thank you for this template. It is my absolute favourite and I finally have a blog that it suits.

Roman :)

Oingan no se como ponerla en blogger :/ Me pueden ayudar? :)

Amy B.

The Amyloidosis Foundation estimates that approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with amyloidosis each year in North America and that blood cancers overall have increased more than 40% in the last decade.


LOve the layout. Just what I was looking for. What is Cellar Heat” Photoshop files for?


I’ve been using this layout since last year and there’s nothing wrong with it. Just that recently, in my main page, number of post in the main page is 33 but there’s only one which was shown after I check my blog. Can you help me with this problem please?
I love this layout and I don’t want to change it.


After searching through more than a dozen themes, I found Cellar Heat and it perfectly suits my site’s content. I only wish I could get rid of the annoying ordinals (“st” and “th”) in the date format. Or, better yet, I would like to stop the date from displaying.

Thanks for the awesome design Evan.


Is there a way to enable thumbnails / feature images?



George, rus

WOW! Skinny Puppy is one of my favorite bands :) In a number of… Legendary Pink Dots, The Tear Garden, NUMB, GGFH, … You are right dude! I was glad to discover your design works for myself!


Thank’s to all


thanks master, this template i very like it,, how can i chang the left coloum, thanks very much



thanks master, this template i very like it,, how can i chang the left coloum, thanks very much


hello.. i have a question on this template.. when i try to post flash video/movie embed its over flowing in my home page even if i put an image to to link to my video…it automatically loading in home page… pls help what should i do.. i want to load image thumbnail only not inside my post.. it too slow when i open my blog.. i need ur advice thanks!

Copper Repipe

That’s a really unique looking theme. That being said, I thought that “Cellar Heat Download” was an mp3 from some metal band. Funny.


Hi, this is the apt theme for my blog. But i want to

1. add thumbnails in each post on home page.
2. i want to bring the side bar actually on the side(right up)

Pls help me. its urgent!


Un grand bravo !

Superbe thème, et quelle inspiration.
Vous avez vraiment énormément de talent 😉

Cheers from France ^.^


That’s a really nice thme we have here, thanks a lot for this!


How can I have an image on each of the posts, and how can I have items to the right hand side of the site, instead of at the bottom?

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nice :)


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