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Working with hand grenades

October 9th 2008 in Workspaces

I’ve been looking through old photos of my work area, and they’ve been anything but clean. It seems I get more accomplished (I hope) when my work area looks like a grenade went off on it. Every cubicle, office or home office I’ve worked in has been thrashed.Survey the damage from 3 examples, over 3 years:

Bomb one

Bomb two

Bomb three

So how about the rest of you? Does a clean workspace make you more productive, or the messier the better?

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“Working with hand grenades”

I haven’t been able to say for sure whether a messy office makes me more or less productive. Usually, what tends to happen is between projects, I find the time to tidy up the place and as work gets underway it gets messier and messier. By then of course I have no time to clean up until the I finish my project.


동해물과 백두산이 마르고 닳도록


I agree with you on this.
I have a 2 G4s and G5 with a special guest star appearance by my macbook pro.
The KVM switch makes them all place nice.
As long as you are happy and productive.
I like the Mac under the desk, mine are the desk.


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